Courses, Lectures and Talks

Ian Richardson is prepared to run courses, lectures and talks on various subjects, reflecting his practical experience in the field of botany.


These are half- or one-day sessions on Tree Identification. Lectures on Tree Roots and Buildings or Root Identification can be included in the program. They are constructed around our book, Tree Recognition: A Pocket Manual, with its innovative method of identification, and include practical work and whenever possible a 'Tree Walk' to discuss nearby street and parkland trees and shrubs. The outcome should be increased awareness of the diagnostic characteristics necessary for identification, and should provide a platform for greater confidence, both on-site and in reporting. These courses are aimed at professionals (Council Officers, Landscape Architects, Loss Adjusters, Structural Engineers, Surveyors ...) who are looking for specialized knowledge from outside their field. Ample opportunity for discussion. Recommended for CPD.


These last 45-60 minutes, and cover Tree Identification, Trees and Buildings, or Tree Root Identification, or any combination. Again they are designed for professionals seeking some extra knowledge to assist in their work. A Q&A session can be included. Recommended for CPD.


Less formal presentations, for societies and special interest groups. Again lasting 45-60 minutes, they are usually undertaken only within 25 miles of Reading. Subjects include Tree Roots and Buildings, Tree Identification, The Floral History of the Mediterranean Area and Island Plants.